Programs and Activities


SCORE's semester activities are aligned with LSAMP's  mission to aide in recruiting and retaining minority STEM students.

Advisory Committee
The Advisroy Committe for the LSMAP Summer Bridge Program will consist of the most recent class of Bridge students and continue to grow with each subsequent Bridge class after 2013. The committee will be student advisors to the LSAMP office regarding  programming and outreach efforts. The Committee will feed the LSAMP office suggestions about programs and will give their feedback on programs and events that happen throughout the semster. This creates a system where students can share their thoughts and influence LSAMP programming in a positive way.

Big Brother/ Big Sister Transfer Program
New minority STEM students transferring to the University and the Bridge class of 2013 will have the opportunity to be assigned a "big brother" or "big sister" that is  a current STEM student with at least one semster under their belt. The benefits of this program are that new students are connected with a someone who has experience on campus regarding what profesors to choose, what clubs to join, and overall knowledge of campus life. SCORE hopes the the Big Bro./Big Sis. Transfer program will help give students a sense of community and unity.

Winter Leadership Retreat (WLR)*
For the past seven years SCORE has held an annual Winter Leadership Retreat that engages undergraduates in a full day of professional development activities. Students learn about communication, teambuilding, and leadership skills from professionals in the workforce. Typically, 35– 45 undergraduates, alumni and staff members attend the event. Its objectives are to:
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills that will empower them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

  • Serve as a major membership and leadership recruitment tool for the organization.

  • Serve as a venue for fostering community among students within CMPS and the broader technical community.

  • Provide an opportunity for alumni enhance connections to and increase support of the student group.

  • Allow students to network with technical professionals and corporate representatives.

If  you are a company interested in sponsoring this program contact us for a separate proposal.

Mentor Classes
Mentor classes give SCORE members an opportunity to give or receive help in the following classes: Chem135,
Calculus 1,2,3, Physics, ENES. Each session will be an hour long and a student experienced in the subject with be able to answer course specific questions and help with homework problems.

Practice Presentation Sessions

Research students preparing for the Research Symposium at the end of the semester will have the opportunity to present in front of an audience of their peers and receive feedback to help them improve their presenting and communication skills.